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While as much as I wanted to appeal for a re-election, I could no longer do anything but to just put myself in dismay and accept the fact that most of us Filipino voters are not wise. 

The Commission on Election had already proclaimed those winners in particular offices. And as much as I wanted to alter the results, I already have no other option but to hope for breakthroughs in the Philippine government and to the lives of our citizens.

In most of his political ads, Sonny Angara emphasized the importance of free education. How could a young beggar be benefited from a Kindergarten Act and so to eventually have a better life.

Now that he is into the position, I wanted to see how he would act to increase the limited budget appropriated to state universities and colleges nationwide and making ultimately higher education at no cost to everyone.

A single platform by Cynthia Villar is the creation of jobs for all Filipino people. How I wish this one really be pursued regardless of credentials and other attainments thereby giving a more decent occupation to most unqualified job hunters. How I wish that “room nurses” will be given not only volunteer positions but a permanent one to all hospitals and that the government will be creating more opportunities to thousands unemployed registered nurses. 

Among the candidates during the election, only few expressed support against the divorce issue. Given a 6-year term, I’m positively looking forward for its legalization.

The Catholic Church is against any bill alike. However in the contrary, many could actually be benefited primarily the Filipino women. Annulment takes a long process. It could cause conflicts. If ever a proposed bill will be approved, divorce would be a better option. Not only because of its simplicity, but its impact thereafter.

Nancy Binay, “Ang Naynay de Pamilia sa Senado”, is just amateur in politics. Neither had she entered prematurely in municipal nor in a regional office. Her father leads Makati amazingly.

 However it wouldn’t absolutely assure that Nancy’s capacity as elected senator would be comparatively similar. Many had become bashers before the election. Due to its sudden decision to entering the Senate without any experience, many said that she never deserve to win. Now, time for her to prove her worth.

From her campaign pseudo, I’m expecting her to look for women and children welfare. 

A national issue today is about the involvement of minors to crimes and other legal violations. A debate relative to lowering the age of criminal accountability and punishment had been raise to the Congress. I’m just wondering, how she would react into it considering its benefits and consequences at the same time. To my part, even a twelve year old child already knows what is right and wrong…what is legal and unlawful. 

While Ejercito is proud for his place having the lowest poverty rate, may he do the same for the entire nation? A survey states that despite of the gradual growth of the Philippine economy, poverty didn't change from the past administration up to the present. Many say that their life didn't get better not even once to break their hunger. According to the Social Weather Station (SWS), starvation struck approximately to 19% in the first quarter of the current year, 3% higher than the survey in the last quarter of 2012.

What is very surprising with the result is Grace Poe's leading status with the senatorial votes and how people had greatly supported her. Maybe people just give back the position belonging to his father and the family.

A platform that Fernando Poe wanted before to execute is reformation. Changes must be made to the government and to quality of living. In this regard, Grace Poe pay tribute to his father being a successor of his beliefs and advocacy for the people. To this, I'm expecting for a more pro-people Congess. A senate that will prioritized the woes of most Filipinos.

Bam Aquino, on the other hand, always connects himself to the late Ninoy and Cory Aquino. Maybe a strategy to raise him and make people believed that he could do what his predecessors had done. But setting aside, I don't really want him to be doing what President Noynoy is doing. Prioritizing much the removal of all those who became allies of the Arroyos. For now that is not the most important to be given concern. What I wanted to see is how he would help his cousin to lessen poverty (similar to Ejercito) instead of denying the result of the survey made even by one of president's cabinet members.

Other winners such as Legarda, Escudero, Cayetano, Pimentel, Honasan and Trillanes are reelectionists. As one given another chance, may they prove their worth and do even better their responsibilities.

A very sensitive issue nowadays is the demolition of political dynasties. Even the Church has joined the debate and made their stand, that is, no for political dynasty.

Political dynasty has already becoming a dilemma for the country. As for the Senate, many are in contrast with such proposition.

With this batch of senators, I really wanted them to unite and end the enterprise.

LOCAL (Ilocos Sur)
From the father to his children. Political monarchy isn't it? How long could a single family be ruling a    single province? Sounds like someone can't let go of his position making use of his children to be a political maneuver. How I wish someone could stop political dynasty including inheritance of a position to the government.

After voluntarily stepping down from his position, Ronald Singson wins back the state of being the Congessman of Ilocos Sur. 

Ronald had been involved to drugs when he was in Hongkong. He was imprisoned for allegedly being a user of cocaine. Now granted with a power, may he be the one to push through more rigidly an anti-drug campaign?

The R.A 7171 had been passed to help the farmers in the region. However, its impact comes very light and couldn’t be felt within the locality. I'm just wondering to where those funds were delivered. I just hope that the money is spent for the people. If not, may the Act serve its true purpose the following years.

Ilocos Sur is one with most involvement to black sand mining. Magnetite mining is believed to boost the economy. With its promise of creating new school buildings and other structures, the activity is very much encouraging. However, the extraction is now being done excessively. The coastal areas and nearby people are being affected. Thinking its negative effect to biodiversity, it should now be stopped and be proclaimed illegal.

On the other hand, most of our municipality officers, if not all, had just got back into their positions. For this term, how I wish that each municipality will turn into a first class municipality. May more ecologically friendly businesses which will provide jobs to its constituents be put up.


A 6-year term is actually short to improve the country in all aspect. But considering the people who will be sacrificing just because of an improper leadership and management, the period given is very much long. May these proclaimed senators and other officials do their responsibilities more than what is expected and make the proper action as urgent as possible.

Author: Bryan Viloria

Never aim high neither expect high.

He is the Director of Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants - University of Northern Philippines Chapter Instruction Committee.

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